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Obviously, being a commercial company HORIZON SYSTEMS has to play the rules of the economy, of the market, of the competition. However we see these more as a framework. HORIZON SYSTEMS's purpose in life is something more profound, more lasting, more valuable.

Our "raison d'etre" is founded on three pillars, namely:
  • our mission as a company
  • our vision of the long term and
  • our philosophy as a reference model
All these are essential to HORIZON SYSTEMS. They are at the core of our actions, and of our decisions.

HORIZON's mission is clear. We want to provide dynamic, effective and lasting solutions to enterprises to help them in their response to the challenges created by fast-changing business and technological parameters.

At the same time we want to build a great company, a company one can be proud to work with or for. We not only dare to take on a challenge, but we also care about the people we serve and the work we do.

HORIZON's vision is to become the preferred partner to dynamic and demanding organizations by building on the strength of our reputation and success record. We see ourselves growing, but growth will only be possible if we continue to deliver beyond the call of duty and if our customers become our ambassadors, that's why we drive ourselves to serve our partners and customers the best we can.

HORIZON's philosophy is simple. It rests on a value system to which we refer in the pursuit of our business.

We believe that reliability, trust and respect are some of the fundamental values that must guide our decisions and underline our actions.

"Wealth without work and commerce without morality" were already identified by M.K.Gandhi as two social sins. Clearly, HORIZON's values are of a similar tune.

Technology evolves rapidly with time and it would be unwise to base our strategy on technology alone. It is based instead on the skills needed to stay at the forefront of technology and the talent to manage its perpetual changes.

This is why we feel it is wise to count on the character of our people. HORIZON's strategy is based on an appropriate combination of people and dedication, skills and expertise, objectives and stamina. Dedicated and competent people, the ability to define roadmaps with guidelines and to follow clear objectives are keys to successful delivery to our clients.

HORIZON excels in the businesses that we have been specializing. It does not do so alone, however, but by incorporating its partners, clients and prospects. Indeed, what satisfaction is there in discovering new lands alone? None. This is why HORIZON wishes to share its competence with others by giving emphasis to training and sharing knowledge.

We prefer to understand what are the business challenges of our prospects and then we propose a right solution; rather than in the reverse order, which then turns into a short-term transaction-based relationship. We prefer to work in long-term partnership relationship with prospects, clients, and partners.


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